Update the 4th week of May

We got another snowstorm on May 19th. Not only did we have squash planted, but we had also set out 45 tomato plants under wall of water protectors. I try to avoid planting tomatoes till the beginning of June, but we had run out of space under grow lights for them all; we had some 250 total. The forecast at the time looked fine. But the wall of water proved adequate, and the tomatoes are still alive, though not very happy.

Our pie cherry tree flowered after all the storms and has green cherries on it! All the other fruit trees in the orchard lost their blooms.

The potatoes got frosted but are coming back nicely. Salad greens are doing well. The peas, however, are lagging, having gone through a few too many weather swings since February.

As well as all the snow, it has been pouring rain in the desert, which has slowed work but produced rapid growth in everything, including all the weeds.



Update 1st week of May

As usual, spring has been very busy. We got one heavy snow storm at the end of April, but otherwise the weather has been fairly mild. We’ve got a lot more planted: squash under wall of water protectors, potatoes, grape vines and gooseberry bushes.

We held a Rogation day procession on April 25th, and installed a new shrine with a picture of our patron, St. Isidore.

I’ll update with some pictures when I get time.