The Catholic Urban Farmers of Denver

Building Community and Feeding the Hungry


Our Mission


The Catholic Urban Farmers of Denver is working to increase availability of locally grown food while building community and restoring Catholic Culture. Our urban farm in Littleton produces organic food for donation to local food banks, the Carmelite convent, and member families. We also experiment with various irrigation and planting methods. Eventually, we hope to share what we learn to help others develop their own gardens.


Our Patron


St. Isidore the farmer is the patron saint of agriculture. He was a humble Spanish farm laborer in the 12th century. Legends relate that God sent angels to help him with his work, and miraculously multiplied the food he would hand out to the poor. We ask God through the intercession of St. Isidore to help us in our work and multiply the seed we plant.

Upcoming Events

In general during the gardening season we have work days every week on our farm. But due to the unpredictability of weather conditions, we can not post these here. Contact us for more information.

Work with the group

To work with the group, either as a volunteer or as a member, see our list of projects below and fill out the contact form here.

Our Location

We have an urban farm in Littleton near Littleton Boulevard and Gallup. Contact us for the exact location.




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