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April and May Update

The weather stayed fairly nice through April and May, and we got a lot done. We did a lot of work on the greenhouse interior, adding thermal mass, interior row covers, and capillary wicking beds of wood chips. The last were built by spreading out building plastic in the form of shallow troughs, poking a few small drainage holes, and filling them with wood chip mulch, which was then saturated. They showed promise but were not perfect; we may replace the wood chips with perlite. We moved most of our 500+ tomatoes to the greenhouse to wait out the last few weeks till planting. Our peas and broccoli are growing in the open beds, and we will soon be planting the warm weather main crops; squash, cucumbers, beans, etc. Salvaged raspberry plants were moved into the hugelkulture we build last year. All of our year old trees survived the winter and are now in full leaf. We also rebuilt our compost piles and a shade structure for growing salad crops over the winter.


On the 25th of April we held a Rogation day land blessing procession, and toward the end of May we held a May crowing of our statue of Our Lady. Our shrine was built from a hollow tree trunk cut on the property, and we will be building a traditional Mary garden around it during the year. Thanks so much to Fr. Hearty from Our Lady of Mount Carmel, and to all the people who participated in these events!


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